Wedding Locations

"Star Weddings" is located in Chania, a city in the westernmost prefecture of the island of Crete, an island full of beauty and history that we love and cherish with all our hearts. Crete throughout the years has become widely acclaimed as one of the top Greek destinations not only for leisure and holidays but also for event planning. That is indeed true not only because of its beneficial geographical location but also because of its long-standing cultural background and its warm and gentle Mediterranean climate. Its natural habitat combines exotic locations by the sea, beaches with crystal-clear waters, immense rutty mountains, green woodland settings and vast olive groves. Cretans are known not only to retain a strong bond with the land of their ancestors but also nurture an even stronger love for their culture and tradition. All the above is what makes Crete a dreamy place of incomparable beauty and at the same time, an impeccable destination for an unforgettable wedding.

Wedding on the beach

The seashore is one of the most romantic and fairytale-like locations for a wedding to take place. The golden sand, the crystal-clear blue waters along with the freshness of a summer breeze constitute a sensational atmosphere that will transform your wedding day to a dream. If you were always dreaming of your special day to be such a memorable event, Greece and especially one of its most beautiful islands, Crete, is the place you were seeking. Full of seaside landscapes, smaller or larger beaches, sandy or rocky ones, Greece offers all options imaginable to please the desires of even the most demanding sea lovers. Have you imagined a discreet ceremony by the sea with a few friends and relatives followed by an elegant gathering accompanied by the sound of the waves and relaxing music? Is your dream wedding to plan a big beach party or an unforgettable reception with all your loved ones in a location with a breathtaking sea view? "Star Weddings" is here to guide you and help you realize whatever you have envisioned for this special day of yours. Set your imagination free and let us fulfil all your wishes throughout the planning of one of the most memorable days of your lives.

Wedding on a boat

A wedding on a modern boat or a yacht is the most suitable and extraordinary option for couples that are in search of something alternative and want to live wedding experience worth to remember for the rest of their married lives. Combine the comforts and amenities of an exceptional venue, such as a boat or a yacht, with the relaxing movement of the waves, the soft and cool Mediterranean breeze and the tender, warm touch of the Greek sun. Have you envisioned exchanging your vows of love and commitment in the form of a quite symbolic ceremony on a boat during its trip around the coastline of western Crete? Is a unique and luxurious wedding reception on the waves what you were looking for to impress your wedding guests? Has it always been a dream of yours to hold your bachelor party with your close friends on a modern yacht that will cruise you around the beautiful bays of Crete? We at “Star Weddings” are inspired by your dreams and are willing to cater to all your demands and tend to every detail with care and successfully make your dreams come true.

Wedding in the bush

The first thing that comes in mind when someone is thinking about a destination wedding on a Greek island like Crete is sandy beaches and vast blue waters. However, Greece, especially Crete, has so much more to offer to the couples that are looking for their dreamlike place for the most special day of their lives. Crete is full of picturesque villages and impressive green woodland settings. Moreover, our beloved island is widely known for its enormous rocky mountains that offer breathtaking panoramic views to nature lovers. At the foothills of these mountains, both larger and smaller gorges are shaped and create astonishing scenery that would make any viewer stare with awe at the magnificence of Mother Nature. Have you always been in great fond of rough mountainous regions and wish for such a landscape to be the setting of the most memorable day of your lives? Has it always been your wish to have an elegant, rustic wedding in a green forested environment or a small picturesque village in the bush? Have you envisioned exchanging your vows or having a reception within an olive grove? Crete is the right place for you, while our team is here to help you organize every detail of every concept and reify your desires, however hard to attain they may sound.