Wedding Floral Trends 2022

Flowers are the largest and most significant part of a wedding’s decoration. Thus, it should not be left out of a wedding planner’s consideration. Flowers are used for the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets as well as the overall decoration of both the ceremony and the reception. Having said that, let’s move on with our list of the top and most popular florals for this coming season.

1) Roses

This is no big news at all! Roses have always been and always will be one of the most popular florals to be used for wedding decorations due to both their variety in color that makes them easy to use in any color palette but also for their fragrance. This year roses will be seen in both neutral and pastel colors but also vibrant ones like red, blue and mauve.

2) Colorful florals in all sizes

2022 is the year of color. Thus, all kinds of flowers that can be found in various colors will also be frequently used by florists this year for both the decorations but also the bridal bouquet. Some of these are peonies, dahlias and amaryllis which are larger in size while smaller ones like orchids, wildflowers, chrysanthemums and carnations will also be used to give a splash of color in the décor.

3) Sustainable solutions: Dried flowers, fresh seasonal fruits

What can be also considered a trend, yet a worldwide command, is sustainability and ecological conscience. Brides quite frequently put this first when it comes to the planning of their special day. Therefore, dried flowers have been integrated and become a hit. Either on their own or combined with fresh flowers, dried flowers expand the color palette and add different textures to flower decorations. Moreover, following the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in all aspects, wedding planners have incorporated new options for wedding decorations. The use of seasonal produce will also make an appearance this year on the reception tables as centerpieces. Lavender, lemons and cherries for spring; citrus, berries and grapes for summer; apples and pumpkins for fall; pomegranate and figs for winter.

4) Greenery and herbs

Wedding greenery in wedding decorations remains as popular as ever. Eucalyptus, ferns, laurel and green wildflowers are a few of the plants that will definitely be added in the typical flower bouquets and decorations this year. Green is definitely one of the top colors of the year, thus bouquets with overflowing greenery and wedding tables decorated with tree leaves or even flowerpots with herbs like basil and oregano will appear quite frequently in wedding receptions this year.