Wedding Color Palettes 2022

The first and most fundamental decision when it comes to the planning of a wedding is no other than the event’s color theme. For this year, experts suggest bold combinations of color. Gone are the days of typical all-white or blush weddings, this year will add color to your special moment and make you get in touch with your own personal style. So here are some of the color schemes that run the gamut of all colors and that we can’t wait to encounter this season.

1) Green notes

Green and emerald colors compose one of the most anticipated color palettes of 2022. With the issue of sustainability in the spotlight even weddings have ended up being both metaphorically but also literally greener than ever. Shades of forest green often added by touches of greenery in your flower decorations will give you the desirable natural effect you are seeking.

2) Multicolor palette

2022 is the year of color. For all of you who like to be bold and stay unconventional here is your chance to do so. If you don’t want to stick to a few color combinations then don’t. Combine all sorts of shades, colors and patterns and let us see your unexpected and unusual sense of style. Couples are really going into color schemes, making their wedding reflective of them and not necessarily traditional weddings.

3) Pastel palette

Last but not least, for you who want to stay true to your traditional, fairytale-like style, a pastel palette is the best choice for you. Pastel shades like lilac, sky, pistachio, buttercup could help you reinvent the old-time classic trend and prevent a perhaps monotonous pink and blush bridal décor.

4) Earthy tones

It is especially true that in 2022 couples are leaning more toward a wedding palette based on earthy tones, natural elements, and more organic elements. Warm and earthy color schemes will work perfectly for all seasons, but especially for weddings in the autumn. Shades of yellow, or-ange and brown will offer a rustic and bohemian essence to this special event of yours. Combine all earthy shades together or mix them with more neutral notes of white.