Bridal bouquet

The wedding bouquet is an important attribute towards the bride’s image and look. It plays the role of a kind of talisman, which the bride does not let go throughout the day.
This accessory often reflects the taste, mood, and even the character of the bride. It is very important to choose a bouquet so that it fits the image of the bride and harmonizes with the wedding dress, as well as the groom’s suit. As the bride, according to tradition, should throw a bouquet at the end of the celebration into the crowd of unmarried bridesmaids, many girls today make a duplicate – the second bouquet. Wedding – an exciting event which is usually surrounded by a large number of signs and beliefs. Not all of them should be believed, it is best to give preference to signs of fate, which promise happiness and a long life together. For example, the bride should get the wedding bouquet from the hands of the groom. When choosing a wedding bouquet, first of all you need to focus on the model and fabric of your dress. A luxurious dress, richly decorated, embroidered with beads or shiny threads requires cleanliness and a modesty of accessories, in other words – no frills. Conversely, a modest dress can even be combined with an extravagant bouquet with ribbons or even studded with crystals. Our florist – a specialist will tell you in detail about the many possible options. Our task is to listen to your wishes and realize the dream wedding. Together we will create for you YOUR IDEAL Bridal bouquet.